Flying anxiety, eased.

Flightaides is an industry-first marketplace that lets air travelers who need assistance, get help from their fellow passengers, instead of relying on airlines, airports, or hired companions

Who we can help.

You have a parent or relative who doesn’t fly often

Your parent or relative maybe lives overseas and is coming to visit you. They do not fly often and have a hard time communicating their needs. They need assistance with their luggage, checking in, with their and at customs at their destination.

We can connect them to a fellow traveler who would be happy to help them with all these things and more!

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You want to help

You are a frequent traveler. Maybe you study or work abroad and frequently travel back to your home country. Did you know that every flight you take has someone else on it that could benefit from your knowledge and compassion?

You can help, and earn some money while doing so!

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The airlines aren’t attentive to your needs

Do you have a disability, anxiety, or something that makes it difficult for you to travel? The airlines don’t do much to help you, or make the traveling process any easier for you.

Did you know that on every flight there may be a fellow traveler who would love to help make it so much easier for you?

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Flying doesn’t have to be hard!

Our platform allows travelers who need help and travelers who want to help to connect with ease.